Budget Tablets to Recommend

Some students have asked me some budget tablets to recommend. I can’t keep up with every device under the sun, but I know someone who does: Nate Hoffelder  of The Digital Reader. Here’s his September 2014 guide to the best budget (under $100) tablets.  Nate recommends the Hisense Sero 7 Pro. (see his earlier review).  Note:  This is an ANDROID tablet.   You can buy a refurbished model for $80 on Amazon (new price is 109$). Or you can buy a factory-refurbished model at newegg for $89.  Obviously there are sales everywhere and new devices always coming out (especially as Christmas nears), but this looks like a great deal.Hisense_Sero_7_Pro_contentfullwidth1

If you want an Apple device or want a 9 inch screen, you will probably have to pay more. This week Nate recommended the new $150 Kindle Fire HD Kids Edition tablet.

Although he generally likes this Kindle, he adds that

But not everyone wants to get their kid a game and media tablet like the Kindle Fire, so it’s not perfect for everyone. If I were looking for a more academically focused tablet, I would not buy this one. Instead I would look at what Fuhu had released lately, and see what names are mentioned as competitors.

(Other recommendations of devices for young people are here).


Although you might be comfortable using the tablet’s onscreen keyboard, you can often find a keyboard which can connect to it with bluetooth. I generally recommend the Logitech bluetooth keyboards. Sometimes keyboard makers have produced a tablet case/keyboard combination specific for your device. They all generally work fine. Feel free to add your own suggestions/tips.

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