Oral Storytelling — Some Great Examples

Here are some great examples of oral storytelling:

This American Life is a famous storytelling radio show. You can stream the audio online.

They have a great  Middle School episode  and a hilarious episode about summer camp. You should listen to one of the stories for the next class.  Each individual story is called “Act One” “Act Two,” etc. Here’s some great stories:

Or you can choose one of the stories yourself by looking at the subject index.  There are hundreds of great examples.

Another live storytelling site is called the Moth. They have some of the best storytelling in the USA. You can pick a story from that site as well.

In the next day of class, you will write about what you have seen.  Look for:

  1. How did the storyteller engage your interest?
  2. Did the storyteller return to where they began at the end of the story?
  3. What was the big dramatic moment or climax? How did the storyteller build up to it?
  4. Was the length right?
  5. Do you think this story was 100% accurate? Where do you think the storyteller might have exaggerated?
  6. Now that you have heard this story, do you think you could easily tell the same story to someone else. Why or why not?

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