Cool Reviews (Part 1)

This week students will be writing reviews of various products and art works. Here are some good places to look for reviews. Feel free to recommend other sites in the comment section.

Music: Allmusic, Pitchfork,

Movies: Rotten Tomatoes, Roger Ebert (a famous reviewer who died a year or two ago).  A better queue, IMDB

Offbeat Review Sites: Sleeping in Airports reviews, Book Review covers, Review of Flags, Funny reviews,

General Review Sites:  Yelp — (restaurant/local shops and services), Trip Advisor,


Key Terms:

  • benchmark— objective measurement or test which is used to indicate quality of some gadget.
  • snarky — sarcastic/complaining; for reviewing, it refers to someone who is extremely negative mainly to be funny
  • conflict of interest
  • full disclosure
  • bias
  • objective/subjective
  • compare/contrast

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