15 Minute Writing Prompts — A list

Here is a list of writing prompts used for this class. In the future I will try to provide dates, but right now, I don’t remember all of them. Please note:  I don’t remember all the dates here, but starting today I should be giving an approximate date so you have an idea about what you need to make up:

Cycle 3

  1. Nov 17-18. Imagine that 2 fictional characters had cell phones and were sending text messages to one another. Write a chat dialogue between them where one of the 2 reveals a funny (or strange) secret.
  2. Nov 21-24.  What would the world be like now if video recording technology and TVs/video screens had never been invented?
  3. Dec  2-4.  You are a crazy person. Write a monologue or a story from the crazy person’s point of view about a day in your life. (Please no guns or shooting — keep everything PG!). Punctuation and spelling are optional. 
  4. Dec 5-8 Continue this story: “It’s not that way,” said the man in the red shirt. “It’s over there.”

Cycle 2

  1. What do you wish you had known earlier?
  2. Write about yesterday.
  3. October 14. (Periods 1 and 2 Only) Your character is kidnapped or taken hostage. Write about how you respond; do you try to escape/fight or trick your captors?
  4. Oct 13-15. Your character loses (or misplaces) a lottery ticket. Write about what happens next.
  5. Oct 16-20. Suppose that you won a huge cash award for several million dollars. Although you give a lot to charity and taxes, it still leaves you with an additional million dollars to spend on anything you want. How would you spend the money?
  6. October 22-24.  Suppose that scientists report that a huge asteroid  (10 km in length) has a 95% probability of hitting the earth in the next 5 years.  Such an impact is likely to cause massive destruction and loss of life on earth. If you knew about this, how do you think your character (or your character) would react? How do you think the rest of society would react?
  7. October 17-Oct 23. (All periods).  Write about some of your personality traits which you get from one or more of your family members.   Are there any personality traits of yours which you think don’t come from anyone in your family at all?
  8. October 27-29.  (Period 6 only). If you could meet and talk to any person in history, who would you choose? (Assume that you would have a person to translate everything). Make a list of questions which you would like to ask this person.
  9. October 29  If you (and only you) had the power  to read minds, how would you use it? How would it change your life?
  10.  October 30-31 Write about a song or piece of music which has special significance to you. What does it remind you of? Do you remember the time and place where you first heard the song?  Does it remind you of a certain time or place? Does it remind you about a feeling? How does it make you feel when you hear the song today?
  11. October 30-31. (Periods 1-5 only). Out of these 4 disabilities (losing your sight, losing your hearing, losing your ability to speak and losing the use of your legs), which do you think would be the hardest to deal with? Explain why? Which would be the easiest to deal with — and explain why.
  12. 12. November 4 (Period 8 only). You are a stop sign. Describe your day.

Here is a list of older 10 minute writes.  Because they were assigned long ago, you cannot make them up anymore. But still, they are interesting topics (if I can remember them all!)

  1. What are the worst and best qualities of the human race?
  2. Which is stronger: good and evil? Explain your reasons.
  3. Your character  awake in the year 2114 as the first successful cryogenic patient ever.  Describe what you do upon waking at the hospital in the next century and what you do next.
  4. Your character  arrive by plane in the Paris airport and realizes that someone has stolen your wallet or purse (containing all of the character’s ID and money). Describe what you do next.

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