Trigger Memories and Proust

Here are some things related to triggering  memories.


Background for the movie.

The setting is Casablanca, Morocco in 1942. There are three characters:

  • Sam, the piano player at Rick’s nightclub in Casablanca
  • Rick, the owner of Rick’s nightclub
  • Elsa, Rick’s old girlfriend who has reappeared in Rick’s Casablanca nightclub.

The Song “As Time Goes by” is one of the most famous songs in American cinema. In this scene it triggers a bundle of memories for everyone involved. Ask yourself:

  • What is Sam’s reaction when Elsa suggest that he play the song for old time’s sake?
  • Why do you think Elsa wants him to play the song?
  • What is Rick’s reaction when he hears Sam playing the song again? Why do you think he reacts that way?
  • The plot of the movie is easily available on wikipedia (spoiler alert!), but try to guess what happened in the past.

7th Period should click the next link to read the assignment they need to do: 

Period 7 Only: Questions to answer.

  1. What role does the “As Time Goes By” song in the plot of the video clip you saw from Casablanca?  Explain how it triggers memories in the characters.
  2. Read up the section on “involuntary memory” and Proust. From your life, give an example of a Proustian memory.
  3. Choose one of the childhood memories and try to write an essay which expands on the memory. Try to write about every last detail. (Topics: First cartoon watched,  first long trip, first visit to the zoo, what you ate for Saturday breakfast in kindergarten, your teacher and best friend in 2nd grade).

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